Are you looking for a replacement remote for your automated garage or gate?

In addition to fantastic quality garage door & gate operators, here at Genuine Garage Door Solutions we also supply a vast selection of garage door remotes that can be programmed to work with almost any type of automated door or gate.

If you ask for a new garage door remote because your old one is faulty, we will be happy to walk you through the steps to see if it is your remote that is faulty or even if it may be your garage door opener that is faulty. This means that you could potentially save time and money by not doubling up on expenses or by simply fixing the issue yourself.

Tips on assessing your remote and garage door opener:

Before calling us, you can assess your own remote and garage door opener to see what the problem may be and also if you can solve the problem yourself. We have listed some common problems and problem-solving ideas below.

  • Remote not working: Does your operator currently have power? Try Plugging a phone charger or hair dryer into outlet. If it doesn't work, this would indicate the issue is with the power point and you may need to contact an electrician.
  • No “on” light when using the remote: Not all remotes have lights however if yours does and the light does not come on any longer when you press any of the buttons there is a strong chance that the battery is flat, you could try replacing the battery.
  • Door operates from one remote but not from another remote: This is a good indication that the Operator is not faulty, and you may just need a new battery. Try replacing the battery as this may be all that is required.

If you have been through these problem-solving tips and you are still unsure if your remote is faulty, feel free to call us and we can help you further over the phone.

If you need a new remote, please Identify your remote from the list below and we can organise to have one of our friendly technicians attend site to service your garage door, supply and code your new handset in for you or alternatively we can have one posted to you.















Other Brands








Is your remote not listed here?

If you can’t see your remote listed, simply take a picture of your remote or the garage door opener and send it to us at or on 0411 357 332. We can then organise to have a remote ordered in and in most cases, we can have the remote to our office within 24 hours. We can then get one of our friendly technicians to bring the remote to your house or we can have it posted out to you.