Garage Door Accessories

Not Looking for a New Door or Motor, Or even a remote?

We also supply a wide selection of garage door accessories that can be added to your garage door to improve its functionality, safety and reliability. Below you’ll find the latest accessory products available. If you know what you are looking for, but you can’t see it on the list below, please call us and we can assist you further with additional products and pricing.

Garage Door Accessories

Below you’ll find some of our latest product range available. Know what you’re looking for but can’t see it on the list below? Give us a call now and we can assist you further on the phone.

Battery Backup

Have a battery backup fitted to your garage door opener to ensure next time there is a power outage your garage door will still operate. Please note: this unit is only compatible with some garage door openers

Remote LED light

Ultra-bright LED light designed to illuminate your garage or workspace controlled by a garage door opener, remote control or MyQ app.

MyQ Gateway

Add monitoring and control away from home, Includes MyQ Gateway and Safety IR Beams.

External Receiver Card

Tired of having separate remotes for your garage door and gate? By fitting an external receiver card you can use one remote to operate both your garage and gate.

Emergency Key Release

If your garage door is the only entrance and exit to your garage? If so, we recommend having an emergency key release fitted to ensure you can access your garage if there is no power available or if your opener fails.

Merlin I.R Beams

The Merlin I.R System is designed to increase the safety and functionality of your garage door opener. It uses an invisible beam across the garage door opening. If an person, child, pet or item breaks the light beam whilst the door is closing, the door will stop and reverse completely back up to the open position.